Jan 6, 2010

Breathe into consciousness

I want to dedicate this blog to all of you who are into public business,although not necessarily business but any kind of performing. Either you are on stage performing or "just" talking to the audience or you are a student faced with the exams,both practical or spoken, i hope you will find here some at least interesting thoughts and maybe even use some of it.

Being a musician i had to face my fears on stage with my art and myself. I have tried all sorts of things and nothing worked. Any of you who are to be, or are on stage knows how insecure we all can get.
It doesn't have to do much with the level of preparation for the show or any kind of performance for that matter. There is just a fear! Yes, we practiced a lot, yes we had as much rehearsals as possible, and yes we had some previous experience in performing in front and audience or a lot of it , but still there is fear. Why is that? Why that when we love what we do,acting or playing some instrument? Why fear of something we love so much? And more important how do we pass all that and evolve on the stage?
There is always some level of nervousness but as you might heard some call it positive and that might be true and good to have actually.IT gets you prepared and all tuned up. But thats a different thing. I am more concern about the real fear you experience whilst doing your thing and on how to resolve that!

So alcohol? Propanol?Medication? Drugs? No? Why not? Everyone seems to use something!? Well you don't need anything!
All you need is your head and you already got that!

So how to use what you got to help you out ? Thats something that i will try to explain.Well at least my own experiences.Although i have to warn you-its not an instant solution...its a constant work on your self-while playing,eating,walking,resting,talking with your friends,listening to music ,and practicing your instrument or voice or speech...


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